What happened to AllTracker Family 9.0 and above?

Perhaps many of you have already noticed that AllTracker Family, in its updated version 9.0, is limited in functionality. This happened as a result of our application being removed from Google Play Store, which led us to reduce the functionality to a minimum in order to re-enter Google Play Store.
What exactly is missing in this version?

We had to remove the Accessibility services that allowed us to access the camera and microphone in the background. Many features such as capturing photos from the camera, taking photos when the screen is unlocked, recording sound, and live streaming from the camera and microphone relied on these basic accesses. Additionally, we also utilized the Accessibility services to collect data for Keylogger and Browser History. It's evident that this constituted a significant portion of the overall functionality, and without it, we couldn't release the application on Google Play Store. Therefore, we began searching for alternative solutions.
What alternatives have we implemented?

To ensure users can continue using our service, we have made several decisions. Firstly, we have separated the functionality of the Keylogger and Browser History into a separate application for communication monitoring. This allows us to separate access to the microphone and camera from the Accessibility services and reduce the risk of being excluded from the Google Play Store. Thus, the AllTracker: Communication Monitoring application was created.
Secondly, to restore the functionality of accessing the microphone and camera in the background mode in the AllTracker Family application, we have implemented the following solution: before requesting access, we briefly bring the application to the foreground, obtain the necessary access, and then remove it again. As a result, there might be a momentary appearance of the screen on the monitored device. Unfortunately, this method only works when the device's screen is turned on and unlocked.
We understand that these limitations significantly reduce the capabilities of AllTracker, but we believe it is the best solution to ensure you still have access to this application.
How to restore all features of AllTracker Family and use them without limitations?

You still have the ability to use all the features that were available before. Here's what you can do:
Install AllTracker Business from Google Play
AllTracker Business version has been officially approved by Google Play Protect and offers the full functionality that was previously available in AllTracker Family, as well as additional features like SMS monitoring and call list. Your current subscription covers all the features of this version, just like the family version, and you don't need to pay again.
Install Video Surveillance and Communication Monitoring additionally
You can additionally install two new applications, Video Surveillance and Communication Monitoring, to complement the functionality missing in the AllTracker Family version:
  • AllTracker Video Surveillance: will provide all the features related to background access to the camera and microphone on the monitored device.
  • AllTracker Communication Monitoring: will provide Keylogger and Browser History features.
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